St. Peter’s Pastoral Council


To be a visible witness to all people of the message and service of our Lord, Jesus Christ. To discern the spiritual, material, and financial needs of the parish, and to find resources to meet these needs.

Parish Council: (January 2017)
Father Vincent van Zutphen: Administrator
Leon Livingstone: Chairperson
Anne MacDougall: Secretary
Ann Ellen MacDonald: CWL
Ron Schmidt: KOC
Jessie MacLean (2016)
Ellen Murphy
Linda Beaton, Liturgy Committee
Jane MacKinnon (2016)
Louise MacInnis

Completed Maintenance & Repairs:
New furnace installed in the Fall of 2015
Repairs done to doors and windows in back of the church
A beautiful statue of St. Peter was installed in front of the church in commemoration of 150th Anniversary

Parish Activities:
150th Anniversary was celebrated in July 2015 a three day event where people gathered to reminisce, renew friendships, and enjoy good food and good company.
The ALPHA program was offered in the fall of 2016
Religious Education: Thirty youth celebrated their Confirmation. Over 50 children are enrolled in the Religious Education Program
Adoration everyday in the Chapel from 10:00 am 4:00 pm.

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